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Family Office Research, Consulting, and Events (FORCE) has a time tested, rigorous and repeatable process of introducing Family Offices to your company's story. Through our Events, Media Distribution, Exclusive Database, LinkedIn Strategy and Personal Introductions, the FORCE process will get you a seat at the table and give you an opportunity to tell your story to both Single and Multi-Family Offices around the world. 



FORCE is located in 30+ cities around the country and around the world. Our ability to distinguish your story and pinpoint the regions that it will most resonate in is a large part of the power of our Family Office Research, Consulting, and Events. 



FORCE has been focused on the Family Office community since 2012.  With a database of over 200K Family Offices, investors and allocators, FORCE can bring your story directly to the open market buyers that will make a difference in your stock.  With the ability to do digital targeting and A/B testing the investors will tell you which aspects of your story are resonating and which need to be adjusted.


FORCE is dedicated to connecting Family Offices with public companies looking for Open Market Buyers.  Month in and month out we bring Family Offices unique alpha generating opportunities and information. Our elite peer to peer communities bring Families together all over the world. We provide multi-generational support to family structures in order to assure continued success and wealth preservation.  By providing exceptional resources, information and unique peer to peer opportunities FORCE helps ensure the Family Offices are well positioned for the future.  Our magazine, two weekly newsletters, events and thought leadership panels are all geared toward our families maximizing their asset allocation strategies, which includes investments in small and micro-cap companies.


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